Saturday, July 17, 2010


  1. The essence of human beings is their spirit, which is much more miraculously profound than a series of chemical reactions. Self discovery transpires in the yearning for unmolested absolute truth and the acceptance of the responsive mind after sufficient provocation by the spirit. Truth is what it is and it exists outside of human thought.

  2. "Truth is what it is and it exists outside of human thought." Classic self-negation tactic there Mikey. If "truth" is outside of human thought, how could you declare it to be true? Furthermore, what the fuck does "is what it is" mean? Unless you're referring to any unverifiable and unfalsifiable proposition as being that "which is what it is" -- which is not verifiable (a testimony to the weakness of the proposition).

    You need to develop a yearning for some complex chemical reactions in your neural pathways, sir.