Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Atrial News Roundup:

Heart surgery patient and his surgeon complete a triathlon:

Heart transplant recipient climbs mountains, though weather gets in the way this time:

The same heart transplant recipient and the heart-centered non-profit she founded: http://movinghearts.org/index.php

A new heart pump prolongs the lives of heart failure patients (Apparently former Vice President Dick Cheney no longer has a pulse):

The rare occasion when pizza delivery is good for your heart:

Currently, damaged heart tissue cannot be repaired, but GGF2, which is one of a family of proteins knowns as neuregulins, may change that. Acordia Therapeutics and Vanderbilt University Heart and Vascular Institute received NIH grant to study GGF2. The award was announced today. This could eventually be great news for heart patients--heart attack survivors, for instance, sometimes have trouble down the road as damaged heart muscle becomes stiff and unyielding and is unable to contract. Depending on the amount of heart that is damaged, this could eventually lead to heart failure. So the research could prevent problems and could eventually mean excellent news for those already suffering from heart failure as well.

More medicare patients are using their cardiomyopathy meds!


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